The Gamecock Mixtape

by Dinobrite Productions

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released 21 August 2013

Produced by Fabio Frey & Joey Thompson
Recorded & Mixed at The Jam Room Columbia, SC
Mastered by Joe Lambert of Joe Lambert Mastering Brooklyn, NY
All beats produced by Den Heroin except "Gamecock Swag." "Gamecock Swag" produced by B Dizzle of 48 Camp/48 TNT Records



all rights reserved


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Dinobrite Productions Columbia, South Carolina

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Track Name: Dinobrite Productions Feat. Big Hurc, Suga Shane, Diverse, Ali Rah, & FatRat Da Czar - Ride For My Team (Forever To Thee)
(Ey man, yeah)

I ride for my city
I'd die for my city
Swear to God
Even when it ain't pretty

Forever tell the city “hold on”
In it for the long haul
Still down even when we ain't winning

I ride for my team
I'd die for my team
True fans know
exactly what I mean

Forever tell the team to “hold on”
In it for the long haul
And we never stop chasing the dream

Suga Shane:

Momma always told me there'd be days like this
Only strong survive gotta be hard as a brick
And I'm from the gutter where hard times don't quit
If you ain't struggled you can't tell me how real victory feel

From the hill to mountain, we've been up, we've been down
The tables always turn, but true fans stick around
The only difference in a loser and a winner is a winner plays until he wins
Determination, from beginning to end (it's Suge)

Garnet 4 door, you know who I ride for, you know how the crowd go
Gamecock! Gamecock! Scream until the mic blow
Go so hard they're gonna have to put ice on
Ain't no need to postpone

Got my team on my side like vegetables
Tell them boys don't sleep, cause my people rest to go
Even if I tear a muscle running through my X and O's
Still rep; SC, Gamecock, Metro


Ali Ra:
See when you ain't winning, they ain't grinning
Who's down when you're down in the 4th quarter
Hail Mary, toss it up go get it
Ride or die, small stuff we don't sweat it
Hold on, it won't be too long

Till I do my victory dance and spike it in the end zone
Screaming out Black Magic, like 84'
And if you don't know, now you know

Fat Rat:
I was a Gamecock before I even knew how to pop-lock
Way before Lil Wane had the 'Block Hot'
Before Biggie and Pac had got shot
Thought I was George Rogers, tucking my jeans in my socks

He was running the rock, I was running the rock
Police and defense couldn't do nothing to stop
To the fiends and the fans we were something to watch
Either way getting a 100 a pop (and that's real)

Track Name: Dinobrite Productions Feat. Big Hurc, Suga Shane, Diverse, Bad Guy, & Mr. Flip - Call The Riot Squad
Call The Riot Squad

Sample “We’re not going to have problems are we?”

Big Hurc (Chorus):
You can’t hold me back I’m too buck (too buck)
Game time (game time) what’s up (what’s up)
Somebody call the riot squad
Call the riot squad (x’s 3)

Suga Shane:
I feel like I’m harder than concrete and nobody can harm me
Coming with an army in garnet and black fatigues
Call up the dean and each and every campus police
Cuz I’ll be damned if they handling me

See I’m a Carolina Gamecock
And I’m going to ride til the end cuz I can’t stop
I got more Cocks in my pit than a Wing Stop
And we some ass kicking chickens coming by the flock

You can press your D, but you can’t press your luck
If you got beef with my team wassup
Little buddy, you too little buddy get stomped in a puddle
Gotta bust straight through can’t scoot through the huddle

Muscle it’s what you going to need
Team pack weight like whey protein
Five Points on swole got the streets on stop
If you don’t give a damn, then we don’t give a Cock.


Bad Guy:
Explosions automatic fire unloading
Gamecocks coming through the smoke and
F (forget) the other side that’s how we going to treat ya
Like Vilma and the Saints we trying to hurt people

All y’all players, coaches, and fans
At halftime we’re gonna boo your band
And if we don’t win y’all better duck
Cuz we gonna fight and rock your bus.

Mr Flip:
I got my sights locked in waiting on the hut
Blitzing every time I anticipate the rush
Busting through the line, can’t nobody stop me
Mr Williams Brice damn right I’m cocky

Don’t you see the SC on the helmet
I’m an ass kicking chickens you can tell it
They want me to fall like a raindrop
But I will stand tall I’m a Gamecock

I’m a Gamecock you can tell it
Don’t you see the SC on my helmet
I’m a Gamecock, I’m a I’m a Gamecock
I’m a Gamecock, I’m a I’m a Gamecock

Breakdown (x’s 2)
Ok ok ok ok right about now we’re going to try something different
Gamecocks stand up we’re going to crank it up another notch
Crank it up another notch

South Carolina get up and get buck
Grab a towel in your hands and put em up
South Carolina get up and get buck
Grab a towel in your hands and put em up, put em up
S-O-U-T-H-C-A-R-O-L-I-N-A all day (ey)
S-O-U-T-H-C-A-R-O-L-I-N-A all day (ey)
Track Name: Dinobrite Productions Feat. Rezzie Roc, Five Dollaz, Diverse, & Big Hurc - Gamecock Swag
Gamecock Swag

Rezzie Roc & Five Dollaz (Chorus)
Garnet shirt, Ray Bans
We all in the circle like a rain dance
Gamecock Swag, Gamecock Swag,
Gamecock Swag, Gamecock Swag

I’m cocky, like the mascot
They hating on the swag that your boy got
Gamecock Swag, Gamecock Swag,
Gamecock Swag, Gamecock Swag

Rezzie Roc:
Sauce that’s what Rezzie got
Raised off the Bluff a real Gamecock
Got em sweating bullets ain’t no competition
Swag was still dumb with I had no pot to piss in

Came from the bottom graduated to the top
Bernie’s grease hot, description Rezzie Roc
Audible at the line and I drop back
I see these haters trying to blitz but I don’t get sacked

Five Deezy:
Straight Gameockin’ these other dudes floppin’
If it ain’t the garnet or the black it ain’t poppin’
Last time around me and George had em rockin
Swag straight bustin now we still got em talking

Make a coat up out them tigers, and some shoes up out them gators
Mike Vick them bulldogs and all yall haters
South Crack snapback all black Ray Bans
Word around campus, Five Deezy still the mans


I pull up at the tailgate like who want what?
I got a lot of good food in the big truck
Cock shoes, socks match, my Cock hat is cocked back
First pick no draft, unless it’s going in a big glass

I don’t need no quarterback got money in my pocket
Plus I’m money in the pocket so I got plenty of options
Black ones, white girls, garnet that’s red bone
I’m so cocky I’m high stepping I ain’t even in the Red Zone

Big Hurc:
Women scouting me like a five star recruit
And when I’m marching through the campus all the freshman just salute
Ain’t trying to even up the score, I’m about to go for two
80 thousand fans screaming got em jumping through the roof

I might get suspended for the hits that I be dishing
24’s how I be sitting cuz this a game of inches
And they never measure up cuz they always come up short
See losing is forbidden but at Clemson it’s a sport

Chorus (x’s 2)
Track Name: Dinobrite Productions Feat. Christou, Hurc, Collard Green, Diverse, Lil Brod, B Howell, Mike Taylor - How I Feel (The Gamecock Tailgating Song)
How I Feel

Christou (Pre-Chorus):
I think I’m just gonna waste the day away
Sit back relax & watch the Gamecocks play
On this beautiful fall Saturday
Sit back relax and watch the Gamecocks play

Big Hurc (Chorus):
How I feel, I just wanna chill with my Gamecock jersey and an ice cold beer
Yeah for real, whether or not we get a ticket, I promise we gonna kick it like we out on the field

Collard Green
It’s game time Bud Lights on deck now
Williams-Brice with my homies on the set now
Shades on tents up to block the sun rays
Got the girls acting a fool cuz its game day

I got my golf cart gassed up (Hey)
Me and my homes about to act up (Hey)
Broke a piece off the sun and made it my watch
I shine hard, stay winning like the Gamecocks

We just came here to rock this party
After trophies but not Lombardi
Rush the tailgate like Marcus Latti
More for me like why not I’m starving

Grade A steak, grade A player
Home and away games we get catered
Cock t-shirt garnet lawn chair
TV and beer might as well stay here


Lil Brod
I’m just trying to chill, drink a little something
Holla at the momma with the ass and no stomach
Go to TLC and turn it up a little more
Everybody know me so aint no worries at the door

I’m just trying to have a good time with no problems
Don’t worry about a hater, tell him worry about his money
And we going to get it in down here on 48
I’m wishing we could live like this everyday

B Howell

I don’t know about you but all I really need
Is my Gamecock jersey and real big screen
Brews, burgers, and some brats, that’ll make it all complete
I swear I’m so hype last night I couldn’t sleep

And when we get the ball we gonna drink, score we gonna drink
Field goal… nah, but you know we going to drink
Carolina forth and goal man that’s money in the bank
Putting on for my team even when we play away

Chorus (x’s2)

Pre Chorus (x’s 2)

Mike Taylor (Saxophone ride out)
Track Name: Dinobrite Productions Feat. Suga Shane, Lil Brod, J-Ward, FatRat Da Czar, & Glen White of Kano - It Feels Like Game Time
It Feels Like Game Time

J Ward (Pre Chorus):
I won’t lose
I’m going to win
I won’t lose
I’m going to win

Suga Shane:
I got fire in my eyes but ain’t no pressure
I got victory on my mind but ain’t no pressure
I’m a Gamecock to my heart but ain’t no pressure
I can’t wait for the game to start but ain’t no pressure

My blood boiling like a pot of water we going to show the world who the real warriors
All the commentators and news reporters gonna see the score & start rooting for us
I’m a gladiator this the auditorium, I’ve been feeling like this since the dorm
I’ve been through the rain I can weather the storm coming through make room tell them ring the alarm

Lil Brod:
My time finally done came around now it’s time for me to go show and prove
The pressure got me like throwed off, no turning back there’s too much to lose
Been waiting around for this moment though they doubt me gotta go show em
Why I’m sitting here in this locker room all I’m praying for is my moment

Know they thinking that I’m going to blow it, but I’m built for this and I know it
Can’t let nothing get in my way or my train of thought gotta keep going
Now I’m turnt up and I’m ready and I’m pumped up with no worries
Ain’t no looking back just looking forward only thing I see is that trophy

Glen White of Kano (Chorus):
The crowd is here, the lights are on
And now it’s time to get it on
Cuz it feels like game time
Yeah it feels like game time
Yeah it feels like game time
Yeah it feels like game time oh yeah

J Ward:
I’ve been patiently waiting for a track to explode on
This is the city where I promise you get rolled on
Gamecock Nation feel the vibration
Been through the fire so I’m beasting like I’m Jason

Heartbeat racing, beating on my chest
They talk down and they frown I’m going to show them who is best
I’m a warrior stare into your eyes from the start
Like I’m Spurrier, Ward put it down I got heart

FatRat Da Czar:
Locker room with my head phones don’t talk to me cuz my head gone
On one like Drake dawg opposition I hate ya’ll
Nothing that can stop me not even an ill block
They call it a tackle, I call it a kill shot

Everything that I worked for, blood, sweat and I hurt for
This ain’t no ball game homie, this here’s a turf war
So stepping off in Williams Brice
Might as well tell your coach you wanna die tonight

Track Name: Dinobrite Productions Feat. Big Hurc, Rezzie Roc, Blacc Zacc, B-Lo Da Trappa, & Five Dollaz - Finish Them
Finish Them

Big Hurc (Breakdown):
Ain't no messing with me,
Ain't no messing with us
Ain't no messing with the Gamecocks
Warm up the bus

Big Hurc & Rezzie Roc (Chorus):
When we in the 4th quarter
It's bout to get buck
The game getting close
So the crowd getting crunk
We bout to finish them x3
Gamecocks'll finish them

Blacc Zacc:
Hold up, the game's getting close
I think it's time to finish them, “put me in coach”
Yeah I'm so ambitious, I don't see no competition
Pass it to me, guaranteed I ain't missing

Do it for my city, Gamecocks our committee
And when it comes to gaining yards, I'm a get plenty
Yeah, so step your defense up
You must be out your mind if you think you can finish us

Woo, this game been over
Scrimmage competition, these lames some pushovers
Well dressed soldier, designed by Under Armour
Scorpion upper cut, you don't want no drama

I'm always pumping iron,
2 a days, I'm a beast come winter time
I repeat, finesse on the field
4th quarter crunch time, that equals kill



I'm in the middle like a defensive lineman
Got the eyes of a quarterback, the heart of a lion
And all I do is hustle, like one day it's gonna pay off
Gotta hustle gotta strive, till the day I see the playoffs

Run it up the middle, you can catch me on an out-route
Double loop the pass, I'm on that there know what I'm talking bout
4th and goal I'm going in like I'm Lattimore
And I'm the truth, the dude who you've been asking for

5 Deezy:
Finish 'em, diminish 'em, to the point you can't replenish 'em
12 games, we winning them, to the locker room crying where we sending them
Gamecocks we on the rise, on the field we on you guys
You beat us? That's a lie. Come to the Brice you can try

You know I be on the throne, headbuster, breaking bones
Your endzone we in homes, you try to catch up we've been gone
On your field we one top, hit the hole wrong get your dome rocked
We don't stop, We don't stop, G-A-M-E Gamecocks!


Track Name: Dinobrite Productions Feat. Signature & Diverse - She Was Was Wearing Garnet & Black [Bonus Track]
I’m going to need for all my Gamecocks to report to the dance floor
Immediately because it’s about to be popping off

Signature (Chorus):
She was a Carolina girl, you know she ruled my world
Eyed here across the floor and knew I needed more
I walked across the room, but she left so soon, she left so soon

She was wearing garnet & black
She was wearing garnet & black
She was wearing garnet & black
And now I want her back, I need her back

The DJ’s playing all my favorite songs
I left the house with my best garnet on
The Gamecock girls are looking good tonight
But there was one that caught my sight

A pretty young thing in the SEC moving on the floor so recklessly
Watching her dance is ecstasy now all I need is her next to me
Her friends walk off with all their purses on
She’s leaving gotta find her, don’t wanna leave alone

Chorus (x’s 2):

Girl you got me stressing impressed by your dress and the way it fit ya
It’s the Gamecock boogieman coming out late at night to get ya
I don’t know her name, I just know she look real good can I get a picture
Now I got her on GPS in a freak um dress looking sweet like swisher

Oh lawd, that pretty face with a bubble butt double up in the back
Oh boy, the way she move on the floor I ain’t never seen moves like that
I’m screaming for her I can’t contain, but she disappear like David Blaine
I’m trying to find her after the game, but every girl out here is dressed the same

Chorus (x’s 2)
Track Name: Dinobrite Productions Feat. DJ Lucky Leon, Signature, Diverse, T-Roc, Five Dollaz, Kev-O, Big Hurc - Rock Out (With Your Gamecock Out) [Bonus Track]
Rock Out (With Your Gamecock Out)

[DJ Lucky Leon]
I hope yall ready man
Five Dollaz I see you
Dinobrite Productions got that Heisman roster
You already know
Signature let them hear you homie
Banger Banger Banger!!!

[Signature] Chorus
Rock out Ay! With your gamecock out Ay! (x’s4)

Game time heavy hitting tonight
Trying to pick a girl to get this gamecock tonight
So tell them them it’s go time, we getting in mo live
Covering both sides and rushing the goal line
Too far ahead got your squad in a hurry up
Brought the whole team they thinking I’m Steve Spurrier
Step your game up and elevate your man
While we hit 5 points and celebrate the win

Reezy Roc, you know I rock on
All this kid do is win on the microphone
And I don’t ever recall losin’
Like Steve Spur when it come to play choosin’
Unh I bring the swag on the field
Alshon Jeffrey got juke moves to kill
Defense I’m a monster with the sacks
Look damn good in my garnet and black


[Big Hurc] Breakdown
Game face on never see me smile
Bow! Watch the crowd go wild
Said it’s the fourth quarter and we need a touchdown
Bow! Watch the crowd go wild

[Signature] R&B rift
Oh Stevie you coach that play so good
What else do you got in that bag of trick of yours
Underneath that visor I see eyes contemplating the next play
It’s going to be a touchdown today a hay hay

[Five Dollaz]
If you do it big then ey I do it larger
I’m the man around campus they love me like George Rogers
Going slam I rock out with my cock out
I put in real work yall fools need to clock out
You wanna be the champs, you gotta win holmes
This the Brice you not getting in our endzone
Gamecock born and I’m Gamecock bred
And I’m gonna scream Cluck Femson til I’m gamecock dead

What up South Crack? (yeaaaah) It’s game time
Been a long time comin’ but we’re on now
And we aint stoppin’ here, we headed for the ship
Garcia going long Paulk make em flip
Knock em out, Rock em out yall let em have it
It’s a hard fought battle but we leavin happy
Party in the city if we win or lose
True gamecock fans ey what it do

Big Hurc breakdown

[Signature] R&B fade out
Warm up the bus, get your keys out (get em out)
Because your about to drive home all alone
You’ve got to leave, leave, you can’t hang out at the WB
You got your ass kicked by that team that was coached so good, good, by Stevie